The Healing Power of Horses 2017!

Ride On STL 2017



Their motto: Love, Strength, & ride at a time exemplifies the good work of Ride On Saint Louis, the equine assisted therapy and activity center (EAAT) in Imperial, Missouri.  And when the rains threatened their mission this year they again turned to Business Representative Chuck DeMoulin for direction. Chuck, just off another charitable effort where he coordinated donations and IBEW volunteers to upgrade damaged wiring at a ballfield in Festus, would reach out to Summit Electric owner and Local 1 Journeyman Wireman Doug Heidland for help. For the second time in as many years Doug stepped up to assess the flood damage to the center's main electrical system. Once the reports were in, Doug then joined the father and son team of Sam Scarpace, Sr. and Sam Scarpace, Jr., and the three men spent the day replacing all the electrical devices that had been submerged during the flood with new ones, courtesy of Metro Electric Supply Company!

IBEW Local 1 would like to recognize and thank our own Doug Heidland, Sam Scarpace, Sr., Sam Scarpace, Jr., and Metro Electrical Supply for their volunteerism and charity!

Thank you also to the Director and volunteers at Ride On Saint Louis - their work is inspiring and must go on!

Doug Heidland